Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So, if my blog were a TV show, this would be the pilot. The episode where all the characters are introduced and are supposed to grab the viewer's attention with their interesting or mellow dramatic lives that are supposed to be more interesting or intriguing than ours, otherwise why would we watch? But since this isn't a TV show, this blog probably won't be more interesting than your life and it will most likely be me rambling about whatever happens to be on my mind. Right now I can't tell if I'll be a consistent or random blogger, but after writing the admissions essay to the college I'm thinking of transferring to the other day, I realized how much I missed writing. Writing is such a good way to release emotions, happy or sad, good or bad, you can write about it! That's one reason why I love it. The pen is the voice and the paper it's audience that listens ever intently. In this case, keyboard to waiting screen.

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